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AlterG: The game changer

Anti-gravity treadmill in 3D

Anti-Gravity Treadmill — AlterG from Physiquality

walk safely. rehab sooner. train harder.

Click on the graphic to enlarge.Our revolutionary products help you achieve your fitness and rehab goals.

Don’t let injuries or persistent pain hold you back from staying active, running, or losing weight. Athletes, seniors, children, orthopedic patients, neurologic patients, weight loss patients, and more can all benefit from the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Do these stats apply to you or someone you know? The Anti-Gravity Treadmill can help you overcome these ailments, and more!

Use the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill to:

  • Reduce impact while running or walking
  • Start walking and running sooner after surgery and injury
  • Walk in a fall safe environment
  • Increase your mileage with less risk of injury
  • Jump start your weight loss program
“The AlterG has taken me back to the days when I could run with no pain whatsoever! The AlterG has allowed me to aggressively return to walking and jogging and not only recover from my ankle and knee injuries but to regain capabilities I have not had for almost 15 years!” – Patient from Roswell, GA

How it works: The Anti-Gravity Treadmill uses a technique called differential air pressure, which was developed by NASA, to gently reduce your impact as you walk or run. You can comfortably remove up to 80% of your body weight, in 1% increments with a simple touch of a button. By reducing your bodyweight, you can reduce your risk of injury, run faster and longer, and develop fitness even while injured.

Not just for running! You can use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill for a variety of fitness and rehab exercises:

  • Balance improvement
  • Plyometrics
  • Overspeed training
  • Lateral movements

You can easily track your progress towards your goals by monitoring variables like body weight impact, speed, and duration of work out. Anti-Gravity Treadmills with our Video Monitoring System also provide instant feedback, and a means to monitor your walking mechanics and gait pattern.


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