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the benefits of exercise

How Pilates and PT help you stay active as you get older.
Physiquality. November 4, 2016.

How exercise keeps us young.
New York Times. January 7, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

Can exercise reduce Alzheimers’ risk?
New York Times. July 2, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Weight training, walking improve cognition in the elderly: Never too late to exercise, researchers say.
Medscape. July 15, 2012. Deborah Brauser.

More evidence that physical activity protects the aging brain.
Medscape. May 16, 2012. Megan Brooks.

How exercise may keep Alzheimer’s at bay.
New York Times. January 18, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

The benefits of gardening.
Physiquality. September 1, 2011.

Exercise counteracts aging effects.
Los Angeles Times. September 1, 2011. Amanda Mascarelli.

Mediterranean diet, physical activity linked to lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
Medscape. August 13, 2009. Susan Jeffrey.

Rising blood sugar may harm the aging brain.
The Washington Post. December 30, 2008. Amanda Gardner.


Improving the quality of life for people with arthritis at a glance 2016.
Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. December 27, 2017.

I have arthritis. Can I exercise? Should I?
Physiquality. January 17, 2014.

An osteoarthritis primer.
New York Times. January 16, 2014. Paula Span.

Arthritis: What are my options?
The Philadelphia Inquirer. October 14, 2013. Arthur Bartolozzi.

Pursuing an active life with arthritis.
New York Times. July 16, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Relief for joints besieged by arthritis.
New York Times. July 9, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Too few with arthritis are exercising, study finds.
Chicago Tribune. August 31, 2011. Janice Neumann.

Top 10 exercises for people with arthritis.
Discovery Fit and Health. May 2011. Robynne Boyd.

Serious arthritis pain is common in the last two years of life.
Los Angeles Times. November 1, 2010. Shari Roan.

No easy fix for deteriorating knees.
Los Angeles Times. July 19, 2010. Amber Dance.

The claim: Magnetic therapy can ease arthritis pain.
New York Times. November 9, 2009. Anahad O’Connor.

staying healthy

Getting older, sleeping less.
New York Times. January 16, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

Keep moving to stay a step ahead of arthritis.
New York Times. April 27, 2015. Jane E. Brody.

What is osteoporosis? Can it be prevented?
Physiquality. August 15, 2014.

The perils of toughing it out.
New York Times. March 3, 2014. Jane E. Brody.

Knee or hip replacement cuts heart risks.
New York Times. November 14, 2013. Nicholas Bakalar.

A search for harmony.
New York Times. June 20, 2013. Paula Span.

Older people become what they think, study shows.
New York Times. December 19, 2012. Judith Graham.

Healthy lifestyle may improve longevity even into old age.
Medscape. September 4, 2012. Laurie Barclay.

Fifty and fit means fewer chronic diseases after 65.
Los Angeles Times. August 27, 2012. Melissa Healy.

Baby boomers urged to get hepatitis C test.
New York Times. August 20, 2012. Kate Yandell.

Footprints to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s seen in gait.
New York Times. July 16, 2012. Pam Belluck.

Too many pills for aging patients.
New York Times. April 16, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Avoiding surgery in the elderly.
New York Times. January 25, 2012. Paula Span.

Ask about hip replacement.
New York Times. December 27, 2011. Tara Parker-Pope.

Four drugs cause most hospitalizations in older adults.
New York Times. November 23, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Never too old to quit.
New York Times. September 23, 2011. Paula Span.

Baby boomers’ worries might be misguided — top killer is heart disease, not cancer and Alzheimer’s.
Los Angeles Times. July 19, 2011. Marissa Cevallos.

Loading up on calcium won’t eliminate osteoporosis risk, study says.
Los Angeles Times. May 26, 2011. Shari Roan.

A common infection, commonly overtreated.
New York Times. April 7, 2011. Paula Span.

What to do now to feel better at 100.
New York Times. October 25, 2010. Jane E. Brody.

Attention baby boomers: Stay healthy while staying fit.
Physiquality. January 24, 2008.

staying strong

Sarcopenia and loss of strength.
Physiquality. January 10, 2018.

New osteoporosis guidelines, treatment offer options.
Chicago Tribune. October 12, 2017. Bonnie Miller Rubin.

Why runners get slower with age (and how strength training may help).
New York Times. September 9, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

How physical therapists can help seniors increase activity for healthy aging.
Physiquality. June 15, 2015.

The right dose of exercise for a longer life.
New York Times. April 15, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

How to adapt your workout as you age.
Physiquality. August 1, 2014.

To age well, walk.
New York Times. May 27, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Ask Well: Exercises to strengthen bones.
New York Times. March 31, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Ask Well: Is jogging bad for older people?
New York Times. January 10, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Stand straighter, live longer: Good posture can help you age better.
Orlando Sun Sentinel. June 7, 2013. Diane C. Lade.

Thirteen things you must know about joint replacement.
Health Magazine. June 1, 2013. Amanda Gardner.

Trapped in the hospital bed.
New York Times. May 30, 2013. Paula Span.

Yoga after 50.
New York Times. May 1, 2013. Kelly Couturier.

5 questions: Jane Fonda on yoga for boomers.
Los Angeles Times. December 22, 2012. Jessica Q. Ogilvie.

Fit after 50.
American Physical Therapy Association.

Work out, but know your limits.
New York Times. September 11, 2012. John Hanc.

Bone health improved even by a little physical activity.
Medscape. August 17, 2012. Janis C. Kelly.

Physical function poorer after menopause.
Chicago Tribune. July 26, 2012. Amy Norton.

Caffeine delivers a jolt to elderly muscles, sports scientists say.
Orlando Sentinel. June 29, 2012. Amina Khan.

Walking highly recommended for seniors: Some things you should know.
Senior Journal. April 3, 2012. Virginia Davis and Amanda Matzoll.

Pilates for seniors.
OnSite Fitness. December 2011/January 2012.

For older runners, good news and bad.
New York Times. December 21, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

91-year-old yoga teacher asks, ‘Why should I quit?’
The Today Show. December 6, 2011. Lisa Flam.

Aging well through exercise.
New York Times. November 9, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

Am I too old to exercise?
Prevention. November 3, 2011. Chris Freytag.

Older athletes push the limits.
Los Angeles Times. September 9, 2011. Amanda Mascarelli.

Fitness for older adults and seniors.
Physiquality. July 1, 2011.

Along the spine, women buckle at breaking points.
New York Times. June 27, 2011. Jane E. Brody.

Escape from the hospital bed.
New York Times. June 8, 2011. Paula Span.

Iron-pumping seniors find new workout space in Chatsworth garage.
Los Angeles Times. May 12, 2011.

Osteopenia doesn’t mean osteoporosis — so should you treat it?
Los Angeles Times. April 30, 2011. Amanda Leigh Mascarelli.

Strength training does more than bulk up muscles.
Los Angeles Times. February 13, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Why Wii Fit is best for grandparents.
New York Times. December 1, 2010. Gretchen Reynolds.

Doctors seek way to treat muscle loss.
New York Times. August 30, 2010. Andrew Pollack.

Getting a new knee or hip? Do it right the first time.
New York Times. July 2, 2010. Lesley Alderman.

Can exercise slow stress-induced aging?
Chicago Tribune. Eric Heiden. June 26, 2010.

A league of their own: Leagues for senior-level baseball players offer way to stay in the game.
Chicago Tribune. June 2, 2010. Sean Callahan.

Caring for hips and knees to avoid artificial joints.
New York Times. April 23, 2010. Lesley Alderman.

Even more reasons to get a move on.
New York Times. March 1, 2010. Jane E. Brody.

The best exercises for healthy bones.
New York Times. November 11, 2009. Gretchen Reynolds.

Be fabulously fit in your fifties.
Chicago Tribune. July 22, 2009. Kathy Haight.

For some patients with heart failure, light exercise may improve quality of life.
New York Times. April 7, 2009. Roni Caryn Rabin.

Boomers should add muscle before it’s too late.
The Washington Post. September 24, 2008.

Staying a step ahead of aging.
New York Times. January 31, 2008. Gina Kolata.

staying independent

Vision and hearing loss are tied to cognitive decline.
New York Times. September 25, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

What is dementia, and how does rehabilitation therapy help?
Physiquality. August 1, 2016.

As we age, keys to remembering where the keys are.
New York Times. May 4, 2015. Jane E. Brody.

Can you improve your memory as you age?
Physiquality. December 2, 2014.

Is it really dementia?
New York Times. October 21, 2014. Paula Span.

Using brain power to fight effects of aging.
Chicago Tribune. September 18, 2014. Julie Deardorff.

Vitamin D tied to Alzheimer’s risk.
New York Times. August 14, 2014. Nicholas Bakalar.

Enjoying life makes older people more capable, study says.
Los Angeles Times. January 20, 2014. Mary MacVean.

Ask Well: Exercises to prevent dementia.
New York Times. April 25, 2013. Gretchen Reynolds.

How therapy can help in the golden years.
New York Times. April 22, 2013. Abby Ellin.

Staying independent in old age, with a little help.
New York Times. December 24, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Exercise may beat mental activity in preserving cognition.
Medscape. October 24, 2012. Pauline Anderson.

Exercise may ease depression in heart failure patients.
New York Times. July 31, 2012. Anahad O’Connor.

Walking irregularities a harbinger of cognitive decline?
Medscape. July 15, 2012. Caroline Cassels.

Computer use plus exercise cuts risk of cognitive impairment.
Medscape. May 1, 2012. Megan Brooks.

Tips for fighting fraud.
New York Times. April 23, 2012. Paula Span.

Exercising an aging brain.
New York Times. March 7, 2012. Denise Grady.

Making home living easier.
Los Angeles Times. February 8, 2012. Karen Ravn.

10 Alzheimer’s warning signs.
Los Angeles Times. February 6, 2012. Shari Roan.

What to do if you suspect Alzheimer’s.
Los Angeles Times. February 6, 2012. Karen Ravn.

This is only the beginning: Surprising advice from a centenarian.
Huffington Post. January 28, 2012. Ellie Knaus.

A sharper mind, middle age and beyond.
New York Times. January 22, 2012. Patricia Cohen.

Cognitive decline may start in middle age, study finds.
Los Angeles Times. January 5, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

How seniors can get a cognitive boost.
Scientific American. December 6, 2011. Joseph A. Mikels.

“Brain fitness” program improves memory.
Medscape. September 1, 2011. Deborah Brauser.

Growing older in an urban village.
New York Times. August 15, 2011. Niharika Mandhana.

A rocking chair called Manhattan.
New York Times. August 12, 2011. Constance Rosenblum.

My house, our home.
New York Times. August 9, 2011. Emily Leidel.

Seven ways to slow down Alzheimer’s.
Los Angeles Times. July 20, 2011. Thomas H. Maugh II.

Expert answers on macular degeneration.
New York Times. July 19, 2011. Stephen Rose.

One of early Alzheimer’s signs may be how often you fall.
Orlando Sentinel. July 19, 2011. Linda Shrieves.

Positive thinking makes for happy old people.
Los Angeles Times. July 14, 2011. Shari Roan.

Vitamins to prevent vision loss.
New York Times. July 14, 2011. Stephen Rose.

Why can’t I remember anything? Tips for boosting brain power. July 6, 2011. Dr. Richard Isaacson.

Even a few extra pounds in midlife can increase the risk of dementia.
Los Angeles Times. May 3, 2011. Thomas H. Maugh II.

Doctor focuses on the minds of the elderly.
New York Times. April 30, 2011. Jane Gross.

What to do when you can’t read the fine print.
New York Times. April 1, 2011. Michelle Andrews.

Tai chi eases depression in elderly.
New York Times. March 18, 2011. Tara Parker-Pope.

A walk to remember? Study says yes.
New York Times. February 7, 2011. Paula Span.

Planning for temporary home care after the hospital stay.
New York Times. November 20, 2010. Lesley Alderman.

100 candles on her next cake, and three R’s to get her there.
New York Times. October 18, 2010. Jane E. Brody.

Taking early retirement may retire memory, too.
New York Times. October 11, 2010. Gina Kolata.

Music may aid dementia patients: Tunes can jog buried memories, improve function.
Chicago Tribune. June 24, 2010. Donald Bradley.

Another reason to keep moving.
New York Times. May 25, 2010. Paula Span.

To keep moving, look beyond the physical.
New York Times. March 8, 2010. Jane E. Brody.

In women, training for a sharper mind.
New York Times. January 25, 2010. Roni Caryn Rabin.

How to train the aging brain.
New York Times. December 29, 2009. Barbara Strauch.

For a healthy retirement, keep working.
New York Times. October 19, 2009. Tara Parker-Pope.

Making home a safer place, affordably.
New York Times. July 17, 2009. Lesley Alderman.

Brains more distracted, not slower, with age.
Scientific American. December 2008. Aimee Cunningham.

Surfing the Internet boosts aging brains.
New York Times. October 16, 2008. Tara Parker-Pope.

the danger of falls

Tai Chi may help prevent falls.
New York Times. August 8, 2017. Nicholas Bakalar.

Exercise beats vitamin D for injury prevention.
New York Times. March 31, 2015. Nicholas Bakalar.

The far-reaching effects of a fall.
New York Times. March 9, 2015. Jane E. Brody.

Blood pressure drugs tied to risk of falls.
New York Times. February 24, 2014. Anahad O’Connor.

Predicting a fall’s aftermath.
New York Times. November 15, 2013. Paula Span.

Improved vision after cataract surgery lowers risk of broken hips, study finds.
New York Times. July 31, 2012. Roni Caryn Rabin.

How good is your balance?
Physiquality. July 20, 2012.

Scientists weigh in on fall prevention.
New York Times. July 12, 2012. Susan Seliger.

Small study shows Wii effective in reducing falls in patients with mild AD.
American Physical Therapy Association. July 10, 2012.

Balance and fall prevention for adults.
Physiquality. January 13, 2012.

Obesity tied to older adults’ risk of falls: Study.
Reuters. December 28, 2011.

Yoga may help improve balance in older stroke patients.
Los Angeles Times. June 4, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Balance doesn’t have to slip away.
Los Angeles Times. May 2, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

New advice on preventing falls.
New York Times. February 17, 2011. Karen Stabiner.

In elderly women, hip fractures often follow arm breaks. March 2, 2009.

Learning to prevent falls.
New York Times. September 16, 2008. Jane Gross.


Calcium supplements increase risk of heart attacks, study finds.
Los Angeles Times. May 23, 2012. Thomas H. Maugh II.

4 vitamins that strengthen older brains.
New York Times. January 2, 2012. Nicholas Bakalar.

Pantry raid: Good and bad food choices.
Los Angeles Times. December 26, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Why getting old means drinking less.
New York Times. August 11, 2010. Tara Parker-Pope.

Healthy aging, with nary a supplement.
New York Times. January 11, 2010. Jane E. Brody.

looking ahead

Seeking a ‘beautiful death.’
New York Times. February 9, 2015. Jane E. Brody.

Picking a nursing home shouldn’t be trial and error.
New York Times. August 4, 2014. Jane E. Brody.

Nursing home unthinkable? Be prepared in case it’s inevitable.
New York Times. July 28, 2014. Jane E. Brody.

Preparing for a loved one to die at home.
New York Times. January 14, 2013. Susan Seliger.

Help for planning end-of-life care.
New York Times. January 10, 2013. Paula Span.

A revolving door to avoid.
New York Times. October 25, 2012. Judith Graham.

A choice of community care, in your own home.
New York Times. September 17, 2012. Judith Graham.

Shopping for a nursing home? There’s a tool for that.
New York Times. September 6, 2012. Paula Span.

Mapping your end-of-life choices.
New York Times. June 18, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Death’s companion: Paperwork.
New York Times. March 15, 2012. Paula Span.

The pet problem.
New York Times. February 3, 2012. Alyson Martin and Nushin Rashidian.

Arriving at what’s best for elderly parents.
Los Angeles Times. July 14, 2011.Erin Peterson.

Overwhelmed caregivers: Try meditation.
Los Angeles Times. May 19, 2011. Shari Roan.

Computers can help patients make decisions about end-of-life care.
Los Angeles Times. May 16, 2011. Karen Kaplan.

A better way to find home care aides.
New York Times. May 4, 2011. Paula Span.

The last place she expected to be.
New York Times. April 29, 2011. Jane Gross.

Aging without children.
New York Times. March 25, 2011. Paula Span.

Six questions to protect elderly patients.
New York Times. June 24, 2010. Pam Belluck.

Making your wishes known at the end of life.
New York Times. April 15, 2010. Pauline W. Chen.

Deciding on care for elderly parents in declining health.
New York Times. March 12, 2010. Lesley Alderman.

Overlooking the frail years.
New York Times. January 1, 2010. Paula Span.

insurance and Medicare

As Social Security gets boost, Medicare Part B costs to rise. Here’s what to know.
Chicago Tribune. October 11, 2017. Judith Graham.

Part D, part 2.
New York Times. November 1, 2012. Jane Gross.

Settlement eases rules for some Medicare patients.
New York Times. October 22, 2012. Robert Pear.

The high cost of out-of-pocket expenses.
New York Times. September 21, 2012. Judith Graham.

D is for dazed.
New York Times. July 13, 2012. Jane Gross.

In the hospital, but not really a patient.
New York Times. June 22, 2012. Paula Span.

Tracking down government aid.
New York Times. February 16, 2012. Paula Span.

Someone on the line.
New York Times. October 8, 2010. Paula Span.

More turmoil expected in this year’s Medicare signup.
New York Times. October 1, 2010, Walecia Konrad.

Come Medicare Part D time (which is now), don’t feel daunted — help is at hand.
Los Angeles Times. November 16, 2009. Tami Dennis.

Now is the time to weigh Medicare options.
New York Times. October 31, 2009. Walecia Konrad.

Tips for navigating Medicare.
New York Times. October 16, 2009. Tara Parker-Pope.


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