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the benefits of exercise

For your brain’s sake, keep moving.
New York Times. October 4, 2017. Gretchen Reynolds.

Ask Well: What are the benefits of Tai Chi?
New York Times. March 6, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

How exercise helps us tolerate pain.
New York Times. August 13, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

The workout: Practicing his own medicine.
New York Times. July 24, 2014. Anahad O’Connor.

How exercise can prevent disease.
Physiquality. June 2, 2014.

How exercise can help you live longer.
New York Times. April 2, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Why high impact exercise is good for your bones.
New York Times. March 7, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Exercise to age well, whatever your age.
New York Times. January 29, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Muscle training linked to diabetes prevention in women, study says.
Los Angeles Times. January 14, 2014. Mary MacVean.

Exercise as potent medicine.
New York Times. December 11, 2013. Gretchen Reynolds.

Exercise as preventive medicine.
New York Times. October 9, 2013. Nicholas Bakalar.

How exercise can help us eat less.
New York Times. September 11, 2013. Gretchen Reynolds.

Really? The claim: Taking a walk after a meal aids digestion.
New York Times. June 24, 2013. Anahad O’Connor.

Aerobic exercise as breast cancer prevention: Evidence mounts.
Chicago Tribune. May 7, 2013. Melissa Healy.

The benefits of Pilates.
Physiquality. February 1, 2013.

Fit, yet fat? A little exercise may add years to your life.
Medscape. November 6, 2012. Diedtra Henderson.

Exercise may protect against brain shrinkage.
New York Times. October 26, 2012. Anahad O’Connor.

The benefits of middle-age fitness.
New York Times. September 5, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

Taking time out for exercise pays off in spades.
Chicago Tribune. August 15, 2012. James Fell.

Weight training, aerobic exercise cut type 2 diabetes risk.
Medscape. August 6, 2012. Troy Brown.

Lack of exercise kills roughly as many as smoking, study says.
Los Angeles Times. July 17, 2012. Emily Alpert.

Weight training, walking improve cognition in the elderly: Never too late to exercise, researchers say.
Medscape. July 15, 2012. Deborah Brauser.

How exercise can jog the memory.
New York Times. May 30, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

Daily activity tied to lower Alzheimer’s risk.
New York Times. April 27, 2012. Nicholas Bakalar.

Why it’s so important to keep moving.
New York Times. February 29, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

Dumbbells can make you brainy.
Los Angeles Times. February 13, 2012. James S. Fell.

Exercise as housecleaning for the body.
New York Times. February 1, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

Prescribing exercise to treat depression.
New York Times. August 31, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

Use exercise to squash killer stress.
Los Angeles Times. August 8, 2011. James S. Fell.

More evidence that exercise is key to brain health.
Health Magazine. July 19, 2011. Karen Pallarito.

Why exercise makes us feel good.
New York Times. July 6, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

Six reasons exercise benefits you.
Chicago Tribune. July 6, 2011. Shamontiel L. Vaughn.

How sports may focus the brain.
New York Times. March 23, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

Can exercise keep you young?
New York Times. March 2, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

Regular workouts ward off the common cold: Even a 30-minute walk every day can help, a new study shows.
MSNBC. November 1, 2010. Amanda Chan.

Surgeon General urges exercise for optimal health.
Medscape. June 17, 2010. Regina M. Benjamin.

Exercise more during the day, and you will sleep better at night.
New York Times. November 30, 2009. Anahad O’Connor.

Physical fitness improves spatial memory, increases size of brain structure.
University of Illinois. February 25, 2009. Diana Yates.

Exercising at work — who’s it good for?
University of Bristol. December 16, 2008.

Study shows that a regular exercise program can help delay aging.
Medical News Today. June 10, 2008.

You name it, and exercise helps it.
New York Times. April 29, 2008. Jane E. Brody.


Five ways to beat fatigue and have more energy.
Physiquality. December 1, 2017.

Fighting fatigue? Here are 6 easy ways to recharge your personal batteries.
Los Angeles Times. October 6, 2017. Melinda Fulmer.

Nine ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.
Los Angeles Times. June 2, 2017. Melinda Fulmer.

Sitting pretty: Proper sitting posture.
Physiquality. May 5, 2017.

Improving your health in the new year: 5 resolutions to make for 2017.
Physiquality. January 5, 2017.

Challenge your office to be healthy.
Physiquality. April 15, 2016.

Feeling sick but still want to exercise? Let the ‘neck rule’ be your guide.
Los Angeles Times. February 27, 2016. Constance Sommer.

How walking in nature changes the brain.
New York Times. July 22, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

Ask Well: Do I need an annual physical?
New York Times. April 17, 2015. Karen Weintraub.

Choosing a physical therapist that measures outcomes.
Physiquality. March 17, 2015.

Meditation for a good night’s sleep.
New York Times. February 23, 2015. Anahad O’Connor.

High cholesterol takes its toll over time.
New York Times. January 26, 2015. Nicholas Bakalar.

Beating back the risk of diabetes.
New York Times. September 15, 2014. Jane E. Brody.

The importance of a good night’s sleep.
Physiquality. July 15, 2014.

Breathing — For health and well being.
The Hanford Sentinel. May 26, 2014. Maria Fermoile.

Exercise ‘snacks’ to control blood sugar.
New York Times. May 14, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Fractured sleep exacts a heavy toll.
Medscape. February 19, 2014. David Johnson.

Are you texting your way to injury?
Physiquality. February 3, 2014.

How inactivity changes the brain.
New York Times. January 22, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Adding pounds, then new knees.
New York Times. November 11, 2013. Laurie Tarkan.

How can physical therapists help you reach your health and fitness goals?
Physiquality. October 17, 2013.

Celebrating Family Health and Fitness Day.
Physiquality. September 17, 2013.

Fitting exercise into your daily routine.
Physiquality. July 15, 2013.

Steps for more and better sleep.
New York Times. June 24, 2013. Jane E. Brody.

Tips for pain-free travel.
Physiquality. June 17, 2013.

Healthy lifestyle habits linked to better memory.
Medscape. June 13, 2013. Deborah Brauser.

Smoke? Fat? Sedentary? Watch out for heart disease, study says.
Los Angeles Times. June 4, 2013. Mary MacVean.

Slathering on sunscreen shows results, researchers find.
New York Times. June 3, 2013. Gina Kolata.

Don’t just sit there. Really.
Los Angeles Times. May 25, 2013. Karen Ravn.

Step away from the computer!
Physiquality. April 17, 2013.

Can video games help you stay fit?
Physiquality. March 1, 2013.

The flu is fast headed our way: 5 ways to fight.
Los Angeles Times. January 15, 2013. Eryn Brown.

Can housework help you live longer?
New York Times. November 14, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

Plan to become an ex-smoker for good.
New York Times. November 12, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Workplace ergonomics.
Physiquality. November 30, 2012.

Smoke-free workplace leads to fewer heart attacks.
New York Times. October 29, 2012. Anahad O’Connor.

Get up. Get out. Don’t sit.
New York Times. October 17, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

When should I see a physical therapist?
Physiquality. October 15, 2012.

Lifestyle changes could prevent 50% of common cancers.
Medscape. September 5, 2012. Pam Harrison.

More Americans are going for a walk.
New York Times. August 13, 2012. Kate Yandell.

Meditation, exercise may decrease cold symptoms.
Medscape. July 9, 2012. Emma Hitt.

Is your clothing hazardous to your health?
Physiquality. July 3, 2012.

Fruits and veggies may help patients quit smoking.
Medscape. June 19, 2012. Fran Lowry.

Even the oldest smokers can live longer if they quit, study says.
Los Angeles Times. June 11, 2012. Karen Kaplan.

Countdown to better habits: What physical therapists want you to know — and do.
Chicago Tribune. March 1, 2012. Danielle Braff.

Docs’ intensive “get healthy” program whittles waist — a little.
Los Angeles Times. February 27, 2012. Melissa Healy.

More doctors advising patients to exercise.
Medscape. February 10, 2012. Michael O’Riordan.

Fitness and fatness independently linked with CVD risk factors.
Medscape. February 6, 2012. Michael O’Riordan.

Posting simple signs might get people to take the stairs more often.
Los Angeles Times. February 3, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

Communities learn the good life can be a killer.
New York Times. January 30, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Stand up straight!
Physiquality. December 2, 2011.

A hard turn: Better health on the highway.
New York Times. November 21, 2011. Abby Ellin.

Midlife weight loss cuts heart risks.
New York Times. October 24, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Celebrating PT Month: Why you should see a physical therapist.
Physiquality. October 17, 2011.

MU study finds quitting smoking enhances personality change.
University of Missouri. September 12, 2011. Steven Adams.

Wellness @ work.
Physiquality. October 3, 2011.

The benefits of gardening.
Physiquality. September 1, 2011.

Mistakes in storage may affect medication.
New York Times. August 15, 2011. Walecia Konrad.

My 8-hour workday on the treadmill desk.
Huffington Post. August 8, 2011. Chris Spurlock.

Some exercise is better than none for lowering heart disease risk.
Los Angeles Times. August 1, 2011.

Physical inactivity linked to increased risk for chronic disease.
University of Missouri. August 1, 2011. Samantha Craven.

My turn: Friends shine after physical therapy.
Los Angeles Times. July 25, 2011. Carrie Luger Slayback.

Yoga poses for what ails you.
CNN. July 21, 2011. Elizabeth Cohen.

Where stress hides in your body.
MSNBC. June 24, 2011. Jeff Csatari.

Check your skin for dangerous moles.
Los Angeles Times. June 15, 2011. Alison Johnson.

Clothing that protects against UV rays.
Los Angeles Times. June 6, 2011. Jessica Pauline Ogilvie.

A good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.
New York Times. May 30, 2011. Jane E. Brody.

High blood pressure may be widespread in young adults.
Los Angeles Times. May 26, 2011. Marissa Cevallos.

Less active at work, Americans have packed on the pounds.
New York Times. May 25, 2011. Tara Parker-Pope.

Why are unhealthy people so reluctant to change their lifestyles?
Los Angeles Times. May 23, 2011. Valerie Ulene.

Cut your risk of heart disease, even at work.
Los Angeles Times. April 5, 2011. Marissa Cevallos.

Working longer hours may make the boss happy, but it could take a toll on your heart.
Los Angeles Times. April 4, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Forget the treadmill. Get a dog.
New York Times. March 14, 2011. Tara Parker-Pope.

Timeless lessons on living a healthy life.
Physiquality. March 1, 2011.

Walking 10,000 steps per day may prevent diabetes.
Los Angeles Times. January 13, 2011. Shari Roan.

The hazards of the couch.
New York Times. January 12, 2011. Roni Caryn Rabin.

A new risk factor: Your social life.
New York Times. July 28, 2010. Tara Parker-Pope.

Phys Ed: The men who stare at screens.
New York Times. July 14, 2010. Gretchen Reynolds.

5 tips to be green and get fit 2! (PDF)
fitbook. May 2010.

Blood pressure: Exercise.
Los Angeles Times. February 8, 2010.

For the new year, cost-effective options to stop smoking.
New York Times. January 8, 2010. Walecia Konrad.

Rising obesity rates imperil health gains.
Los Angeles Times. December 3, 2009. Jeannine Stein.

The road to success, paved with bad advice.
New York Times. May 27, 2009. Gina Kolata.

Middle age ‘key for exercising:’ Increasing activity levels in middle age can prolong life as much as giving up smoking, a study suggests.
BBC News. March 6, 2009.

Hanging on to health coverage, if the job goes away.
New York Times. March 6, 2009. Walecia Konrad.

Eating well and staying active on the road: How to keep your diet and fitness goals in mind on your next trip.
MSNBC. January 21, 2009. Sarah Schlichter.

Cut costs, not your care.
Los Angeles Times. December 29, 2008. Francesca Lunzer Kritz.

Staying healthy in a sick economy.
New York Times. October 15, 2008. Mandy Katz.

knowing your body

Sarcopenia and loss of strength.
Physiquality. January 10, 2018.

That moment you realize you can’t work out like you used to …
Los Angeles Times. May 6, 2017. James S. Fell.

Getting specific about dizziness.
New York Times. February 6, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

What is frozen shoulder?
Physiquality. May 17, 2016.

Stress and back pain.
Physiquality. May 3, 2016.

Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Physiquality. November 3, 2015.

What are vestibular disorders? How do they affect balance?
Physiquality. October 1, 2015.

What you should know about TMJ and TMD.
Physiquality. July 2, 2015.

What is osteoporosis? Can it be prevented?
Physiquality. August 15, 2014.

The right way to train with a heart rate monitor.
Competitor Magazine. July 15, 2014. Richard Diaz.

What is fibromyalgia? Can physical therapy help?
Physiquality. June 16, 2014.

Ways to keep your blood pressure under control.
Physiquality. May 1, 2014.

How can physical therapy help with migraines?
Physiquality. April 1, 2014.

What is plantar fasciitis?
Physiquality. November 1, 2013.

Shoe inserts and orthotics: Are they right for you?
Physiquality. October 1, 2012.

Be wise about your heart health.
Physiquality. February 21, 2012.

Really? The claim: A normal heart rate is 60 to 100 beats a minute.
New York Times. August 1, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Sun’s rays may leave mysterious marks.
New York Times. July 25, 2011. Jane E. Brody.

For heart risk, no telltale body shape.
New York Times. March 16, 2011. Roni Caryn Rabin.

10 symptoms not to ignore: Low energy, backaches could indicate health problems.
MSNBC. Stacey Colino.

Do our genes influence our desire to exercise?
New York Times. May 19, 2010. Gretchen Reynolds.

The data-driven life.
New York Times. April 26, 2010. Gary Wolf.

What causes early arthritis in knees?
New York Times. December 9, 2009. Gretchen Reynolds.

Even the most common medications pose threats.
Los Angeles Times. November 30, 2009. Karen Ravn.

Waterworks: Which people sweat a lot or a little, and why.
Los Angeles Times. December 29, 2008. Jay Blahnik.

I can’t outrun my weight issues.
New York Times. November 12, 2008. Michelle Slatalla.

Mixing illness and exercise.
Los Angeles Times. October 13, 2008. Jay Blahnik.

Dieting can be counterproductive.
The Boston Globe. July 7, 2008. Dina Fine Maron.

Well: A guided tour of your body.
New York Times.

Can you become a creature of new habits?
New York Times. May 4, 2008. Janet Rae-Dupree.

Staying a step ahead of aging.
New York Times. January 31, 2008. Gina Kolata.

back health

Back pain? Try yoga.
New York Times. June 22, 2017. Nicholas Bakalar.

Healthy posture.
Pressure Positive. September 17, 2014.

Dealing with lower back pain.
Physiquality. September 20, 2012.

Keeping your lower back pain-free.
Los Angeles Times. February 27, 2012. James S. Fell.

Turning to kettlebells to ease back pain.
New York Times. January 26, 2012. Anahad O’Connor.

Yoga and stretching equally effective for back pain.
New York Times. October 24, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Stubborn back pain? Try massage.
New York Times. July 4, 2011. Nicholas Bakalar.

Fix your aching back, rebuild your shrinking brain.
Los Angeles Times. May 18, 2011. Melissa Healy.

Back pain is a complicated issue.
Los Angeles Times. April 4, 2011. Karen Ravn.

The claim: Back pain runs in families.
New York Times. March 7, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Safe shoveling tips.
Physiquality. February 14, 2011.

Ease lower back pain with at-your-desk stretch.
Los Angeles Times. July 14, 2008. Karen Voight.

The fast five healthy back exercise program.

mental health

Social interaction is critical for mental and physical health.
New York Times. June 12, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

The toll of a solitary life.
New York Times. March 16, 2015. Tara Parker-Pope.

Can you improve your memory as you age?
Physiquality. December 2, 2014.

How exercise may protect against depression.
New York Times. October 1, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Want to be more creative? Take a walk.
New York Times. April 30, 2014. Gretchen Reynolds.

Brain fitness can include playing training games on computers.
Los Angeles Times. June 1, 2013. Lily Dayton.

Depression raises stroke risk in young women.
New York Times. May 24, 2013. Nicholas Bakalar.

How therapy can help in the golden years.
New York Times. April 22, 2013. Abby Ellin.

Easing brain fatigue with a walk in the park.
New York Times. March 27, 2013. Gretchen Reynolds.

How to find that mind-body balance, and keep it.
Los Angeles Times. January 12, 2013. Hilary MacGregor.

Communing with nature can recharge creativity, study finds.
Los Angeles Times. December 12, 2012. Karen Kaplan.

When daily stress gets in the way of life.
New York Times. December 10, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

A richer life by seeing the glass half full.
New York Times. May 21, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

A sharper mind, middle age and beyond.
New York Times. January 22, 2012. Patricia Cohen.

Antidepressants in primary care: Is this how to treat depression?
Los Angeles Times. August 4, 2011. Melissa Healy.

For some, it’s the summer of their discontent.
Los Angeles Times. June 1, 2011. Amanda Leigh Mascarelli.

6 weird signs you’re too stressed out.
MSNBC. May 30, 2011. Emily Main.

Bilingualism is good for the brain, researchers say.
Los Angeles Times. February 26, 2011. Amina Khan.

Feeling SAD? How to cope when the sun goes away.
MSNBC. January 27, 2011. Iris Tse.

Meditation or medication: To prevent depression, pick one.
Los Angeles Times. December 10, 2010. Melissa Healy.

Puzzles to stretch your mind.
New York Times. December 7, 2010. Tara Parker-Pope.

Behind the façade, post-traumatic stress.
New York Times. November 22, 2010. Karen Barrow.

Happiness may depend, in part, on focus.
Los Angeles Times. November 11, 2010. Shari Roan.

Taking early retirement may retire memory, too.
New York Times. October 11, 2010. Gina Kolata.

Depression, incognito.
New York Times. October 11, 2010. Paula Span.

Phys Ed: Can exercise moderate anger?
New York Times. August 11, 2010. Tara Parker-Pope.

Exploring the links between depression and weight gain.
New York Times. June 16, 2010. Roni Caryn Rabin.

In the green of health: Just 5 minutes of “green exercise” optimal for good mental health.
Science Daily. May 21, 2010.

How little exercise can you get away with?
New York Times. December 30, 2009. Gretchen Reynolds.

Stress hurts.
Los Angeles Times. December 1, 2008. Marnell Jameson.

The bright side of life.
Los Angeles Times. December 1, 2008, Marnell Jameson.

Natural settings help brain fatigue.
New York Times. October 27, 2008. Tara Parker-Pope.

Surfing the Internet boosts aging brains.
New York Times. October 16, 2008. Tara Parker-Pope.

Brisk walking helps seniors’ memory problems: Increased blood flow may give slight boost to aging brain, researchers say.
MSNBC. September 2, 2008.

Mental health tips. August 12, 2008. Paul Mason.

Eight simple strategies to boost your brainpower.
MSNBC. May 20, 2008. Martha Schindler Conners.

living with disease

Cancer humor.
New York Times. October 12, 2017. Susan Gubar.

Country star Clay Walker says exercise keeps him moving through multiple sclerosis.
Los Angeles Times. February 20, 2016. James S. Fell.

Want a well-rounded workout regimen? Add tai chi for flexibility — and serenity.
Los Angeles Times. February 7, 2016. Brian Wu.

Exercise can be a boon to people with Parkinson’s disease.
New York Times. January 23, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

How exercise may aid cancer treatment.
New York Times. March 25, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

Keeping your hair in chemo.
New York Times. March 9, 2015. Tara Parker-Pope.

Helping patients with Parkinson’s disease stay active.
Physiquality. February 17, 2015.

Why your workout should be high-intensity.
New York Times. January 26, 2015. Jane E. Brody.

Faces of breast cancer: Find your story, join the conversation.
New York Times. October 28, 2014. Tara Parker-Pope.

Women with diabetes face higher heart risks than men.
New York Times. May 22, 2014. Nicholas Bakalar.

Yoga helps fatigue, inflammation after breast cancer, study says.
Los Angeles Times. January 28, 2014. Mary MacVean.

Mediterranean diet for diabetes.
New York Times. January 13, 2014. Nicholas Bakalar.

The challenge of diabetes for doctor and patient.
New York Times. October 17, 2013. Danielle Ofri.

Living with cancer: Look good, feel better.
New York Times. June 6, 2013. Susan Gubar.

Weight-loss regimen a preferred choice for countering diabetes.
Los Angeles Times. January 9, 2013. Melissa Healy.

Diabetes is a stubborn adversary.
Los Angeles Times. January 6, 2013. Anna Gorman.

Reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes.
Physiquality. November 15, 2012.

Outrun diabetes.
Chicago Tribune. November 1, 2012. James Fell.

Upping physical activity slashes CV events, deaths for type 2 diabetics.
Medscape. October 2, 2012. Shelley Wood.

Keeping Parkinson’s disease a secret.
New York Times. July 9, 2012. Kate Yandell.

Diabetes linked to memory problems in older adults.
New York Times. June 19, 2012. Anahad O’Connor.

Yoga shows promise in rheumatoid arthritis.
Medscape. May 23, 2012. Laird Harrison.

Cancer survivors who stay active live longer.
New York Times. May 16, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

“Chemo brain” may last and last.
Los Angeles Times. February 27, 2012. Shari Roan.

Tai chi may help Parkinson’s patients regain balance.
Los Angeles Times. February 9, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

Picture your life after cancer.
New York Times.

Health, quality of life may improve with exercise for cancer survivors.
Los Angeles Times. January 31, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

The benefits of exercise after cancer.
New York Times. August 9, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Fibromyalgia and exercise: More tips from an expert.
Los Angeles Times. May 24, 2011. Shari Roan.

What may be best for controlling diabetics’ blood sugar? Sustained, structured exercise.
Los Angeles Times. May 3, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Yoga and Pilates may help ease some symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
Los Angeles Times. May 1, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Tai chi may be good for heart patients — but that’s just for starters.
Los Angeles Times. April 26, 2011. Marissa Cevallos.

Walking at a low intensity may help people with Parkinson’s disease.
Los Angeles Times. April 12, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Gaining a lot of weight after surviving breast cancer may carry risks.
Los Angeles Times. April 5, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

In study, lifting weights does not raise risk of lymphedema for breast cancer survivors.
Los Angeles Times. December 8, 2010. Jeannine Stein.

Fibromyalgia: Creating a treatment plan.
WebMD. August 23, 2010.

Get moving: Cancer survivors urged to exercise.
MSNBC. June 28, 2010. Lauran Neergaard.

Yoga for MS patients: Program adapts traditional poses to accommodate health challenges.
Chicago Tribune. June 3, 2010. William Hageman.

Fibromyalgia symptoms can hurt patients, their marriages: Research shows chronic condition puts stress on spouses.
Chicago Tribune. June 2, 2010. Terri Yablonsky.

Patient voices: Fibromyalgia.
New York Times. March 2010. Karen Barrow.

Unused therapy for the heart: The gym.
New York Times. February 2, 2010. Paula Span.

For some patients with heart failure, light exercise may improve quality of life.
New York Times. April 7, 2009. Roni Caryn Rabin.

Mayo clinic researchers link vitamin D and chronic pain relief.
Mayo Clinic News. March 20, 2009.

Disease invades a body, and endorphins kick in.
New York Times. January 8, 2009. Bethany Lyttle.

No joke, some patients laugh through treatment: Laugh therapy used by some hospitals lowers blood pressure, experts say.
Associated Press. November 28, 2008. Ula Ilnytzky.

Said the doctor to the cancer patient: Hit the gym.
New York Times. August 13, 2008. Anahad O’Connor.

Flexing against chronic pain.
Los Angeles Times. May 12, 2008. Emily Dwass.


The health benefits of eating seasonal — and 10 ways to start.
Chicago Tribune. October 5, 2017. Casey Seidenberg.

This is why you’re seeing more purple at the supermarket.
Los Angeles Times. June 1, 2017. Kavita Daswani.

New nutrition guidelines: What you need to know.
Physiquality. December 1, 2016.

Nutrition for stronger muscles and bones.
Physiquality. December 2, 2015.

Bigger plates and servings mean people eat more.
New York Times. September 17, 2015. Nicholas Bakalar.

A chef workout (and meal) from Rocco DiSpirito.
New York Times. May 4, 2015. Anahad O’Connor.

Easing diabetes risk, one beverage at a time.
New York Times. April 30, 2015. Nicholas Bakalar.

Nuts are a nutritional powerhouse.
New York Times. March 30, 2015. Jane E. Brody.

Nutrition panel calls for less sugar and eases cholesterol and fat restrictions..
New York Times. February 19, 2015. Anahad O’Connor.

Are all calories equal?
Physiquality. November 17, 2014.

Learning to cut the sugar.
New York Times. February 19, 2014. Anahad O’Connor.

Americans consume too much added sugars, study says, and it’s killing us.
Los Angeles Times. February 3, 2014. Karen Kaplan.

Snacking your way to better health.
New York Times. December 9, 2013. Nicholas Bakalar.

Some fruits are better than others.
New York Times. September 4, 2013. Nicholas Bakalar.

Bad news on red meat: Eating more is linked to diabetes risk.
Los Angeles Times. June 17, 2013. Eryn Brown.

Jot down this journal advice.
Los Angeles Times. June 8, 2013. Rene Lynch.

This is your brain on coffee.
New York Times. June 6, 2013. Gretchen Reynolds.

Study finds nearly half of Americans not drinking enough water.
Chicago Tribune. June 5, 2013. Leslie Mann.

The hydration game.
Physiquality. March 15, 2013.

Taking the fright out of Halloween candy.
Los Angeles Times. October 27, 2012. Dana Sullivan Kilroy.

In fight against obesity, drink sizes matter.
New York Times. October 22, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Log on to an October challenge to eschew processed foods.
Los Angeles Times. September 22, 2012. Rene Lynch.

BBQ survival guide: Tips and tricks for navigating the nutritional obstacles of this summertime fare. (PDF)
fitbook. July 3, 2012.

It’s not just how many calories, but what kind, study finds.
Los Angeles Times. June 27, 2012. Eryn Brown.

Dietary cleanses rise in popularity, but there are risks.
Los Angeles Times. June 9, 2012. Jessica P, Ogilvie.

More evidence dark chocolate is cardioprotective.
Medscape. June 4, 2012. Pauline Anderson.

High fructose diet not so sweet for the brain.
Medscape. May 24, 2012. Fran Lowry.

Really? To lower your risk of diabetes, eat breakfast.
New York Times. April 30, 2012. Anahad O’Connor.

Five questions: Dr. Walter Willett on red meat.
Los Angeles Times. March 24, 2012. Eryn Brown.

Calories are everywhere, yet hard to track.
New York Times. March 19, 2012. Jane E. Brody.

Sugary drinks linked to heart disease.
New York Times. March 19, 2012. Nicholas Bakalar.

A Mediterranean diet may promote brain health: study.
Los Angeles Times. February 13, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

Too many calories, too little protein may mean more body fat.
Los Angeles Times. January 3, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

Sodium-saturated diet is a threat for all.
New York Times. December 26, 2011. Jane E. Brody.

10 tips to gobble [without the added] wobble.
fitbook. November 22, 2011.

Eating healthy over the holidays.
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A new app for counting calories.
New York Times. November 3, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.w

Eating more fruits, vegetables may alter genetic risk for heart disease.
Los Angeles Times. October 12, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Preaching a healthy diet in the deep-fried Delta.
New York Times. August 21, 2011. Campbell Robertson.

Eat 40% fewer snacks.
Men’s Health. July 21, 2011. Madeline Haller.

Tips to lose 100 calories a day.
Chicago Tribune. July 14, 2011. Danielle Braff.

Diet soda and weight gain: The connection may be, in a way, what you think.
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When are salads less healthy?
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Water: Health benefits, safety and more!
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Sugar: The toxicity question and what to do about it.
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Regular fasting may boost heart health.
New York Times. April 4, 2011. Tara Parker-Pope.

Diets high in added sugar raise heart disease risk.
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weight loss & maintenance

Why weight loss surgery works when diets don’t.
New York Times. February 13, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

An inspiring story of weight loss and its aftermath.
New York Times. January 2, 2017. Jane E. Brody.

How weight training can help you keep the weight off.
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A 12-hour window for a healthy weight.
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The many ways dieters can sabotage their efforts to lose weight.
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Food expert suggests changes to lose weight — willpower not required.
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Ask Well: Exercise and weight loss.
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Losing weight may require some serious fun.
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The empty diet claim season.
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Weight loss planned for 2013? Some surveys and predictions.
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52 ways to leave your blubber.
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Aerobics beats lifting weights for shedding pounds, study says.
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Weight loss achieved by two lifestyle interventions.
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Weight Watchers bested other weight loss programs, study finds.
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Mediterranean dieters kept weight off for six years.
Los Angeles Times. October 3, 2012. Mary MacVean.

New triggers found for weight gain.
Chicago Tribune. September 30, 2012. Julie Deardorff.

For weight loss, less exercise may be more.
New York Times. September 19, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

Want to lose weight? Be sure to get enough sleep, experts say.
Los Angeles Times. September 17, 2012. Karen Kaplan.

Study: Fruits, vegetables may be key to long-lasting weight loss.
Los Angeles Times. August 28, 2012. Mary MacVean.

Faithful food diary key to weight loss.
Los Angeles Times. July 12, 2012. Mary MacVean.

After liposuction, exercise keeps the weight off.
New York Times. June 13, 2012. Gretchen Reynolds.

The keys to maintaining your weight loss.
Chicago Tribune. January 4, 2012. Ellen Warren.

The fat trap.
New York Times. December 28, 2011. Tara Parker-Pope.

Staying trim when fat runs in the family.
New York Times. November 23, 2011. Gretchen Reynolds.

Trying to lose weight? Your environment may be making you fat.
Los Angeles Times. August 2, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

Still counting calories? Your weight-loss program may be outdated.
New York Times. July 18, 2011. Jane E. Brody.

3 myths can get in the way of losing weight.
Chicago Tribune. July 14, 2011. Hollis Templeton.

If you lost weight, you need a whole new diet strategy now.
MSNBC. July 5, 2011. Joseph Brownstein.

My Turn: Her war on belly fat.
Los Angeles Times. May 9, 2011. Carrie Luger Slayback.

With liposuction, the belly finds what the thighs lose.
New York Times. April 30, 2011. Gina Kolata.

Interval training may help obese and overweight people slim down.
Los Angeles Times. April 29, 2011. Jeannine Stein.

For weight loss, add sleep and relaxation to diet and exercise.
Los Angeles Times. March 29, 2011. Shari Roan.

7 appetite-suppressing tricks for a flatter belly.
The Today Show. March 22, 2011. Loren Chidoni.

Break the workout/pig out cycle.
Prevention. February 2011. Martica Heaner.

After surgery to slim down, the bills can pile up.
New York Times. December 31, 2010. Lesley Alderman.

The claim: Drinking water before meals aids weight loss.
New York Times. November 15, 2010. Anahad O’Connor.

For dieters, the advice never ends.
New York Times. November 9, 2010. Erik Piepenburg.

There are ways to avoid the weight-loss pitfalls.
Chicago Tribune. August 14, 2010. Eric Heiden.

The claim: Lack of sleep increases weight.
New York Times. April 27, 2010. Anahad O’Connor.

Weighing the evidence on exercise.
New York Times Magazine. April 12, 2010. Gretchen Reynolds.

Feeling chubby? Don’t sweat a few pounds.
MSNBC. February 19, 2010. Bonnie Taub-Dix.

Weight loss bottom line: Fewer calories.
Harvard Science. February 25, 2009. Todd Datz.

To control your weight during the holidays, consider these tips.
Washington Post. December 2, 2008. Jennifer Huget.

Can diet and exercise beat a tummy tuck?
New York Times. November 5, 2008. Natasha Singer.

How to reduce waist size? Or lose weight after hitting a plateau?
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America’s obesity epidemic hasn’t budged, new research shows.
Chicago Tribune. October 13, 2017. Mike Stobbe.

Adult obesity facts.
Center for Disease Control. August 29, 2017.

AMA declares obesity a disease.
Los Angeles Times. June 18, 2013. Melissa Healy and Anna Gorman.

Obesity tied to prostate cancer risk.
New York Times. April 26, 2013. Nicholas Bakalar.

Walking can offset the tendency to become obese.
Los Angeles Times. March 14, 2012. Shari Roan.

Cooler hands could mean better workouts for obese women.
Los Angeles Times. March 13, 2012. Jeannine Stein.

Weight loss surgery benefits entire family.
New York Times. October 17, 2011. Anahad O’Connor.

Obese patients 12 times as likely to suffer complications from plastic surgery, study finds.
Los Angeles Times. June 30, 2011. Thomas H. Maugh.

Your gut controls your weight in more ways than you think: What obesity surgery reveals about the mysteries of weight loss.
MSNBC. June 19, 2011. Rachael Rettner.

The top six risk factors for weight-loss surgery.
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Even a few extra pounds in midlife can increase the risk of dementia.
Los Angeles Times. May 3, 2011. Thomas H. Maugh II.

Weight-loss surgery can help diabetes disappear; new study suggests why.
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Obese exercise: How four found exercise that worked.
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Obesity: ‘Like the new smoking.’
Los Angeles Times. March 7, 2011. Karen Ravn.

Eat an apple (doctor’s orders).
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Risks: Waist size strongly tied to heart disease.
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Heavy? You may live three to ten years less.
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Living with: Obesity.
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