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Exercise trends: Rucking.
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The pros and cons of working out with your partner.
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Working out while baby is sleeping.
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The downside of treadmill desks.
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For athletes, the time of an event can affect performance.
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Am I strong enough for an obstacle course race?
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Improving your balance.
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How music can boost a high intensity workout.
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Online workouts: The personal trainer you never had.
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An insider’s guide to Crossfit.
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For fitness, push yourself.
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Ask Well: Weekend warriors.
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Ask Well: Exercise after knee replacement.
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Does the seven-minute workout work?
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How do you measure your fitness level?
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How to get fit in a few minutes a week.
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10 fitness mistakes you might be making.
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Is a boot camp right for me?
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For fitness, intensity matters.
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What’s your “fitness age?”
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What is plyometrics?
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Is it better to bike or run?
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Ask Well: How often to exercise?
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Exercise class: Obedience not required.
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The scientific 7-minute workout.
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Ask Well: Getting in shape in middle age.
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Re-balancing your workout to lessen likelihood of injury.
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Can video games help you stay fit?
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Why rest is an important part of your exercise regime.
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Training insights from star athletes.
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7 tips to get spookyfit in 7 days.
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The 10-minute workout, times three.
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A strong core is a good foundation for any athlete.
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How massage heals sore muscles.
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How can I stay active over the holidays?
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Heart rate monitors fine-tune players’ fitness.
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Feel amazing naturally: How to finish your workout feeling fabulous, not fatigued.
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Gym class: The Indo Board workout.
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In-your-face-fitness: High-intensity training burns more calories.
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Athletic performance and the monthly cycle.
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Fitness rookie? Easy does it.
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Why you should give suspension training a try.
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Can’t move your muscles? If you’re paying the price for a righteous workout, a smart recovery phase can help you gain more lasting strength.
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The myth of ripped muscles and calorie burns.
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Hop, skip and a jump to fitness.
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Calisthenics come back as the anywhere workout.
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For an exercise afterburn, intensity may be the key.
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High-intensity vs. endurance workout — which is the victor?
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The new guidelines for heart health.
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Mix up workouts to crank your metabolism.
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It’s time for recess: Just keep on moving.
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Phys Ed: The workout enigma.
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Happy to be the tortoise in the race to fitness.
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Phys Ed: Does music make you exercise harder?
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How to build endurance.
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Concentrate on the workout? No thanks.
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Winter training: Faster and safer indoors?
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Which exercises burn the most calories?
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Fitness isn’t an overnight sensation.
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Workout regimens you can live with.
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Last rep: Put it in writing.
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Slow down to shape up.
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playing safe & smart

Protecting your shoulder during summer sports.
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Recovery exercises are also a controlled workout.
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How to adapt your workout as you age.
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10 common fitness mistakes you might be making.
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Tips for safely exercising in the heat.
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What is Kinesio Taping and is it right for me?
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For athletes, risks from ibuprofen use.
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All-around athlete.
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Athletes and concussions.
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Lessons from exercising in the heat.
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Exercising safely in the heat of summer.
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What happens when we can’t exercise?
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Be sure exercise is all you get at the gym.
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Dehydration, exercise and heat don’t mix: When people are coping with intense physical exertion, dehydration is a serious risk.
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Going for the gaunt: How low can an athlete’s body fat go?
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Pump the heart rate up, then down, up, down …
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Play hard, but don’t get beat by the heat.
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Outdoor buffs must exercise caution on smoggy days.
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To beat the heat, learn to sweat it out: Fitting heat and humidity into your workouts.
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sticking with your fitness routine

Working out while on the road.
Physiquality. July 1, 2017.

Rethinking exercise as a source of immediate rewards.
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To jumpstart your exercise routine, be mindful.
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Ask Well: Making exercise a habit.
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Having trouble keeping an exercise routine? Ted Vickey has ideas.
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Shoring up those fitness resolutions.
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Exercise boost — keys to keeping with the program.
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Keep telling yourself, “This working feels good!”
New York Times. November 6, 2013. Gretchen Reynolds.

Fitting exercise into your daily routine.
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Why we’re motivated to exercise. Or not.
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Making fitness happen.
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But I don’t want to work out.
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Moderation as the sweet spot for exercise.
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Need workout motivation? Try a virtual partner.
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Toss the scale: Real goals for real life.
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New Year’s resolutions in the works? Small steps are best.
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How coffee can galvanize your workout.
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Looking for a fitness buddy? Get a dog.
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Want to stick to your workout? Don’t do it alone.
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Don’t underestimate the buddy system.
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Not motivated? Sign up for a race.
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Don’t let common mistakes sabotage your workout plan.
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For best exercise, don’t be lonely or late: Activities done in groups and early in the day seems to show the best success rates.
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How to stick to your resolutions beyond January.
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The success recipe for fitness: Mix in the fun.
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Excuse busters (to bust you out of that rut). (PDF)
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The power of a gentle nudge: Phone calls, even voice recordings, can get people to go to the gym.
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Exercise groups provide strength in numbers.
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With the right motivation, that home gym makes sense.
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Changing your mind can change your body, too: Destructive thoughts can wreck your workout efforts, experts say.
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warm-ups & stretching

How flexible are you?
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Why is flexibility important?
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The right reasons to stretch before exercise.
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Flexiblity and balance: Keys to a better workout.
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Taming tight hamstrings.
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To stretch or not to stretch.
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When warming up for exercise, less may be more.
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Can touching your toes test your arteries?
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Stretching: The truth.
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sports nutrition

Fueling your workout.
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Nutrition for stronger bones and muscles.
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Ask Well: Eating before exercise.
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How sugar affects the body in motion.
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Make your body earn/burn what it eats.
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In summer’s heat, watch what you drink.
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Phys Ed: Do sport bars and gels provide the energy of sports drinks?
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Healthy workout takes smart meal planning: Understanding your nutritional needs will up your fitness game.
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To beat the heat, drink a slushie first.
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When the gym isn’t enough.
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Low glycemic breakfast may increase benefits of working out.
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Real thought for food for long workouts.
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Swallow this.
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Preventing baseball injuries.
Physiquality. June 1, 2016.

Mixed martial arts makes inroads in baseball training.
New York Times. April 12, 2011. Joe Brescia.


Playing basketball — safely — at any age.
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Aqua cycling: A fun, soothing underwater workout.
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Cycling for better health.
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Cycling 101 needn’t be a collision course.
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Gadgets to boost bike safety.
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How safe is cycling? It’s hard to say.
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Bike sharing can mean safer biking.
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The basics of bicycle safety.
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Really? Cycling is the top sport for head injuries.
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The aches and pains of a beginner biker.
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Advice from a 70-year-old cyclist.
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With more people cycling for health, remember rules of the road.
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Staying safe while biking in traffic.
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Tricked-out trikes for older riders.
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Training hard is part of cycling, but so is a day off.
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Head to the front of the cycling pack with tips from top coach Joe Friel.
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10 cycling obstacles to avoid.
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Exercise: Bicycling to keep off extra pounds.
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Grown-up cyclists need helmets, too.
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Going beyond the basic bike.
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Bike accessories for a safer ride.
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Dress codes: Riding the it factor.
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Bicycle your way to fitness.
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Ouch, my knee! Is there a bike fitter in the house?
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Bike safety hits close to home: As more cyclists take to the streets, dangers persist.
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Got snow? Add bicycle.
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Injury prevention for dancers.
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Daybreaker dance workout gets day off to a rollicking start.
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Groov3 is a dance party that doesn’t feel like exercise.
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5 questions: Choreographer Alice Alyse on dancing for fitness.
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Dance your way to a better body.
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Dancer as athlete.
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Dance the workout away.
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Gym class: Ballet aerobics.
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Lining up at the barre.
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My turn: Bustin’ more than a move.
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Dance works arms, legs, heart: Salsa and cha-cha build endurance, and the tango improves muscle control and posture.
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Finding fitness in rhythm and movement.
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What every golfer should know about injuries.
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Keeping your eye on the ball.
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Physical therapists turn to Wii golf.
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Playing golf safely.
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Golfers increase flexibility with CoreStretch.
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Gear: Golf fitness to a tee.
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Pilates for golf. (PDF)
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Calm those nerves: Even for seasoned pros like Annika Sorenstam, first-tee jitters can be intimidating. August 18, 2008. Katharine Dyson.

Healthy eating helps to get the bogeys out of a golfing diet.
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How to prepare for your golf game.


How to play hockey safely.
Physiquality. September 8, 2017.

Study on former NHL players and concussions yields surprising early results.
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Concussion information.
USA Hockey.


Real runners do take walk breaks.
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Women pace marathons better than men do.
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Learning moderation from the marathon.
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Tips on hydrating for a marathon.
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How to train safely for a marathon.
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Marathon training, minus the long run.
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Lessons from a marathon not run.
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How to carbo-load for a marathon.
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Running my first marathon. Finally.
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Increasing calf flexibility during marathon training.
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Humbled by Los Angeles Marathon training.
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How much to drink during a marathon.
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Supporting a marathon runner’s goals.
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Study on multi-day ultra-marathon injury rates offers up surprises.
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Born to run the marathon?
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Marathons can cause temporary heart conditions.
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The best running stride? The one that comes naturally.
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Running away from injury.
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Will overspeed running help me?
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What is minimalist running? Is it safe?
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Why runners get slower with age (and how strength training may help).
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Preparing for your first race.
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Choosing the right running shoes.
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Christopher McDougall wants you to go outside.
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Barefoot running may be harder for older runners.
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Slow runners come out ahead.
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The downside of running with others.
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Running just 5 minutes a day has long-lasting benefits.
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How our arms help us run.
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Why runners don’t get knee arthritis.
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Get more out of running with gait analysis by a physical therapist.
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Choosing a running shoe.
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Is barefoot-style running best? New studies cast doubt.
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Running in reverse.
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Commitment day 2013: Setting your running goals for the New Year.
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Finding your ideal running form.
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What runners can learn from cheetahs.
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You’re only as old as you run.
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Born, and evolved, to run.
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What a cow taught me about running.
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For runners, soft ground can be hard on the body.
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Are we built to run barefoot?
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The weary road to a 10K milestone.
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Side stitches? Change your posture.
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When the diagnosis is “dead butt syndrome.”
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For running shoes, it’s fit first and price last.
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Happy to be the tortoise in the race to fitness.
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Today, he can run.
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Changing speeds to go the distance.
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skiing & snowboarding

Snowboarder Elena Hight’s Olympic recipe: good food, training and meditation.
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Shaping up for the slopes.
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Snowboarders and skiers prone to different injuries on the slopes.
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Ski injuries decline thanks to increased helmet use.
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Never too cool for a hard workout.
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Heading ban for youth soccer won’t end head injuries.
New York Times. July 15, 2015. Gretchen Reynolds.

Playing soccer safely.
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Train like a German soccer star.
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To prevent brain damage, soccer players should keep ‘head counts.’
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Soccer players’ ACL injury risk may drop after a warm-up.
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ACL injuries could be influenced by gender and which leg dominates, study finds.
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Health gains for grown up soccer players.
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Surfing safely.
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Riding the wave of surfer fitness.
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Indo Board workouts for surfers.
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Doctor’s weight-loss order pushed her into the pool; now she’s a champ.
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Four pool moves that can be cool summer exercises.
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Swimming and the fear factor.
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Pooling resources to keep everyone safe in the water.
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