custom training programs
CATZ creates customized programs appropriate for each group’s or athlete’s age, skill-level and fitness or performance goals.

individual attention
Our low athlete-to-coach ratio allows us to work closely with each participant.

trained and certified coaches
Our coaches are certified strength and conditioning specialists who have undergone rigorous training in the CATZ methodology.

effective and safe training
All programs emphasize injury prevention and performance enhancement.


kids’ fitness & sports training — CATZ Sports from Physiquality

are you ready for your kids to be inspired to embark
on a lifetime of fitness and good health?

Inspire them with our kids fitness programs. Find out more.

are your kids serious about improving their sports success?
do they need performance training to get them to the next level?

Improve their sports success with our world-class sports performance training programs. Learn more.

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your kids’ healthy and fit future starts with CATZ

CATZ SportsRemember when you were a kid?

You couldn’t wait to get home from school so you could go outside and play. Stickball. Hide and seek. Touch football.

You ran and jumped and climbed and moved, sometimes for hours at a time. You didn’t think of it as exercise. You thought of it as fun.

Our kids today live in a very different world. A world of hand-held electronic games and big-screen, high-definition TVs. A world of sitting around being passively entertained.

A world where too much inactivity has resulted in alarming increases in childhood obesity and diabetes. A world that is stealing our youth.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can help ensure that your kids have a bright, healthy future. And CATZ can help you get there.

With CATZ, kids learn to overcome electronic game dependency and couch potato-itis. We tailor our fitness programs to get the results you and your child want in a safe, motivating, fun environment. Young people who participate can expect:

  • Improved physical fitness
  • Greater confidence on the playground
  • Improved coordination
  • Lots of healthy activity in a non-threatening environment
  • Improved speed and agility
  • Improved self-discipline

CATZ coaches have inspired many young people to embark on a lifetime of fitness and good health. We’re ready to help your child too.

Join us and take advantage of the most complete, experienced and effective youth fitness programs available anywhere in America.

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sports performance training – prepare to be great®

CATZ Sports

Serious about improving your sport?

Need performance training that goes way beyond the ordinary?

Can’t wait to reach the next level?

Let CATZ answer all your questions with world-class sports performance training.

CATZ training takes you to the next level in your chosen sport. Our upbeat, inspirational, motivational environment is ideal for helping you reach your goals.

CATZ-certified strength and conditioning specialists know exactly how to help you get where you want to go.

Soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis and basketball players… they all come to CATZ for results. You can too.

To learn more about the CATZ programs available in your area, enter your zip code above.