fitness evaluations — FitTEST Solutions™ from Physiquality

jumpstart your fitness program with a personalized exercise plan.

Meet your fitness goals with a thorough understanding of where you are today — and where you can get tomorrow.

FitTEST Solutions™
With FitTEST Solutions™, your Physiquality physical therapist performs a comprehensive fitness assessment and develops a specific exercise plan customized for you. The assessment measures such areas as:

  • Disease risk category
  • Range of motion
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Medical history

Following the therapist’s assessment, a sophisticated software engine developed by physical therapists generates a personalized fitness plan to help you meet your health goals. The assessment and planning process combines evidence-based tests with the science and clinical experience of recognized experts to yield a complete assessment of fitness and disease risk. Your therapist will help you understand your fitness plan and, if you choose, supervise your ongoing fitness regimen. Periodic reassessments will track your progress toward your goals.

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