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Physical therapists have what it takes: Meeting the health and fitness needs of Americans in challenging times. (PDF)*
Impact. May 2010. Michael Weinper.

A national network makes physical therapy more accessible for seniors. March 23, 2010.

Physiquality launches broad spectrum of health and wellness services for all ages. (PDF)
Physiquality. February 1, 2008.


ActiveWrap® and Physiquality deliver confidence and quality healthcare.
ActiveWrap. November 4, 2013.

ActiveWrap ice and heat compression wraps. March 15, 2011. Ross Middleton.

Why ice and heat treatments work for injuries.
Ask Fitness Coach. January 20, 2011. Skyler Meine.

It’s a wrap: PTA Shawn Hickling has climbed from inventor of a multi-use therapeutic wrap to president of ActiveWrap Inc.
ADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine. August 13, 2007. Brian W. Ferrie.

Ion Sports Product of the Year Category Finalist announced. (PDF)
ActiveWrap. May 8, 2007.


How weightless rehabilitation can help injured runners: An anti-gravity treadmill stimulates both the muscles and mind toward recovery.
U.S. News & World Report. December 2, 2014. Elena Sonnino.

How to find balance and live a longer, healthier life. September 15, 2014. Kat Welch.

NASA-inspired treadmill helps patients defy gravity.
Fox News. October 26, 2010. Karlie Pouliot.


Playing soccer safely.
Physiquality. June 1, 2015.

How do you know if your child’s coach is a good one?
Physiquality. May 15, 2014.

Is a boot camp right for me?
Physiquality. January 16, 2014.

CATZ alumni set for the 2012 Olympics. (PDF)
CATZ Sports. July 26, 2012.

CATZ creates diabetes reversal challenge with Dr. Michael Dansiger. (PDF)
CATZ Sports. November 8, 2011.

Preventing ACL injury.
Physiquality. August 15, 2011.

Men’s Health magazine names CATZ Sports Performance Centers to its list of Top 10 Gyms in America. (PDF)
CATZ. August 27, 2009.

Where Olympians train: CATZ Sports sends 18 athletes to the Beijing Olympics. (PDF)
CATZ. August 6, 2008.

Train like a pro, even if you’re 12.
New York Times. July 19, 2007. Catherine Saint Louis.

New centers pitch athleticism to prevent injuries.
Boston Globe. July 5, 2007. Davis Bushnell.

USA volleyball names CATZ the official sports performance & physical therapy provider to the USA men. (PDF)
CATZ. February 6, 2006.

Dancing thru Pregnancy®

Injury prevention for dancers.
Physiquality. December 17, 2015.

Working out while baby is sleeping.
Physiquality. August 18, 2015.

Healthy pregnancy and birth essentials: Be fit! Be prepared!
Dancing thru Pregnancy. August 16, 2015.

Women and exercise: Figuring out what works.
Dancing thru Pregnancy. August 4, 2015.

Dispelling myths on pregnancy exercise.
Dancing thru Pregnancy. November 13, 2014.

How to carry a baby without breaking your back.
Physiquality. November 3, 2014.

Melissa Rycroft dances her way to the delivery room.
ABC News. April 8, 2014.

Reducing the risk of post-pregnancy incontinence.
Physiquality. January 11, 2013.

Postpartum exercise: Creating a healthy body post-baby.
Physiquality. September 4, 2012.

Take a class!
Dancing thru Pregnancy on July 7, 2012.

Pregnancy exercise: The evolutionary imperative for vigorous activity.
Dancing thru Pregnancy. June 18, 2012.

Mom-baby fitness: Modeling healthy lifestyle habits.
Dancing thru Pregnancy. February 20, 2012. Alana Abbott.

Exercising while pregnant.
Physiquality. July 15, 2011.

Dancing thru Pregnancy.
News 11, Lancaster, PA. April 8, 2011. Nadia Singh.

Women dancing through pregnancy.
NBC Connecticut. January 26, 2009. Stephanie Hoey.

Climbing, exercising and pregnancy: A reality check.

Dancing through pregnancy.
American Baby Magazine. May 2006. Melanie Monroe Rosen.

Feeling groovy: A new prenatal workout will help you dance through your next 9 months.
FitPregnancy. Donna Raskin.


Nordic walking: Choosing a technique that’s right for you.
Exerstrider. Tom Rutlin.

Nordic walking is exercise to the core.
Exerstrider. Tom Rutlin.

Nordic walking for those with balance and mobility challenges.
Exerstrider. Tom Rutlin.

Nordic walking for accelerated weight loss.
Exerstrider. Tom Rutlin.

Nordic walking poles: Choosing poles that are right for you.
Exerstrider. Tom Rutlin.

Nordic walking for active seniors.
Exerstrider. Tom Rutlin.

Nordic walking beginner?

Say, where’s the snow?
New York Times. July 22, 2009. Yishane Lee.

Walk the weight off — anywhere. Around the block, in the mall, on a treadmill: 3 routines that slim you down fast.
Prevention. December 20, 2006. Jessie Knadler.

Walking better with poles?
Dr. Andrew Weil. April 4, 2005.


Four foolproof ways to get + stay motivated.
fitbook. January 15, 2016.

Q and A with our chief fitlosopher.
fitbook. December 28, 2015.

Twelve exercises you can do in a hotel room.
fitbook. December 9, 2015.

Five fun activities to get your family moving.
fitbook. September 28, 2015.

fit@school in action.
fitbook. September 10, 2015.

Encouraging kids to make healthy decisions.
Physiquality. April 16, 2015.

How do you measure your fitness level?
Physiquality. March 17, 2014.

FITLOSOPHY joins St. Louis Public Schools to address rise in obesity among urban children. (PDF)
fitbook. April 3, 2013.

7 tips to get spookyfit in 7 days.
fitbook. October 25, 2012. Angela Manzanares.

Join fitlosophy as we welcome the arrival of mama2b: the newest, chubbiest addition to the fitbook™ family! (PDF)
fitbook. March 20, 2012.

7 easy ways to stay fit during pregnancy.
People. March 4, 2012. Erica Ziel.

Toss the scale: Real goals for real life.
fitbook. February 24, 2012. Angela Manzanares.

Be wise about your heart health.
Physiquality. February 21, 2012.

10 tips to gobble [without the added] wobble. (PDF)
fitbook. November 22, 2011.

Physiquality. October 3, 2011.

Goal-setting 101 [for the kiddos]. (PDF)
fitbook. September 29, 2011.

How to stick to your resolutions beyond January.
Physiquality. March 17, 2011. Angela Manzanares.

Excuse busters (to bust you out of that rut). (PDF)
fitbook. January 2011.

fitlosophy is honored with American Heart Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award.
PR Newswire. November 17, 2010.

Q and A with fitbook creator Angela Manzanares.
The Examiner. October 20, 2010. Gail Gedan Spencer.

In shape with Shay: 5 no-fail tips to staying motivated. (PDF)
fitbook. March 2010.

A school assignment that may add years to a child’s life: fitbook™ junior launches with a mission to teach valuable life lessons around health and fitness. (PDF)
fitbook. October 7, 2009.

7 tips to get fit@work. (PDF)
fitbook. June 2009.

You can make it happen: A few high and low-tech helpers to get back that before-baby body. (PDF)
Pregnancy Magazine. May 2009. Lisa Druxman, M.A.

Indo Board

Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello, will hold special Indo Board classes for children.
Indo Board. July 2, 2015.

Check out the new product from Indo Board!
Indo Board. June 16, 2015.

Improving your balance.
Physiquality. December 22, 2014.

How to adapt your workout as you age.
Physiquality. August 1, 2014.

Gym class: The Indo Board workout.
New York Times. September 27, 2011. Karen Barrow.

Improving ankle stability for off-road running.
Competitor Magazine. August 2011. Matt Fitzgerald.

A contrarian’s surf-style workout.
Wall Street Journal. August 2, 2010.

Indo Board workouts for surfers.
Surf Science. Greg Kroleski.

How to improve balance.
Chicago Tribune. May 4, 2009. Julie Deardorff.

Indo Board: Improve your core. Don’t wear heels.
Gear Patrol. February 11, 2009. Thomas Lord.

Laptop Laidback

Laptop Laidback laptop stand for reclined computing review. May 22, 2011.

Reclined computing with your laptop.
Gigaom. January 14, 2010. Charles Moore.


From frugal to big spenders: Holiday gift options for runners.
Canadian Running. December 7, 2015. Tim Huebsch.

Five pain-relieving gadgets that may actually work.
Huffington Post. March 12, 2015. Corrie Pikol.

Introducing 2Toms SportShield for Her! Chafing prevention for women.
Medi-Dyne. October 5, 2014.

Chicago Fire relies on 2Toms and Medi-Dyne for pain relief and prevention.
Medi-Dyne. October 3, 2014.

Study shows plantar fasciitis relief with heel cups and stretching combined.
Medi-Dyne. November 4, 2013.

Medi-Dyne acquires Cho-Pat ® support products.
Medi-Dyne. November 4, 2013.

Medi-Dyne announces sponsorship.
Medi-Dyne. October 18, 2013.

Golfers increase flexibility with CoreStretch.
Medi-Dyne. April 18, 2012.

Increasing calf flexibility during marathon training.
Medi-Dyne. April 12, 2012. Nick Zaneto.

Gear bag. (PDF)
Triathlete Magazine. June 2009.

A better back: The right kind of know-how can keep your back supple and pain-free. (PDF)
Better Homes and Gardens. March 2009. Sari Harrar.

Core flexibility: The key to a consistently powerful golf game. (PDF)
Medi-Dyne. April 2008.

Into the back-stretch: Relief for low back pain sufferers. (PDF)
Boomer Times. August 2007.


The benefits of Pilates.
Physiquality. February 1, 2013.

Pilates for seniors. (PDF)
OnSite Fitness. December 2011/January 2012.

Being active for life. (PDF)
Can Fit Pro. January/February 2011.

Pilates for post-rehabilitation. (PDF)
OnSite Fitness. October/November 2010. Kerrie Lee Brown.

Everything you wanted to know about the STOTT PILATES® method.

Pilates does the body good — inside and out. (PDF)
Can-Fit-Pro. March/April 2009. Kerrie Lee Brown.

A healthier future with Pilates. (PDF)
Professional Fitness. Spring 2008. Jan Field-Byrne.

Pilates for every exerciser. (PDF)
OnSite Fitness. 2007. Kerrie Lee Brown.

Armchair Pilates. (PDF)
The Journal for Active Aging. August 2005. Moira Merrithew.

Motion Doctor

Breakthrough Motion Doctor iPad app puts physical therapy at the forefront of technology.
PRWeb. November 7, 2011.

New app helps to keep pain away.
CBS Pittsburgh. June 29, 2011.

Relief from aches and pains? There’s an app for that.
CBS Boston. June 7, 2011. Paula Ebben.

Don’t let common mistakes sabotage your workout plan.
Physiquality. April 18, 2011.

Keep moving with Motion Doctor for iPad.
The Examiner. March 14, 2011. Imani Williams-Jeffrey.

The Motion Doctor iPad app aims to prevent pain.
PT Talker. January 2011.

Motion Doctor a strong complement to pro physical therapy.
Mac NewsWorld. December 27, 2010. John P. Mello.

Pennsylvania practice releases iPad app for PTs.
ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine. December 16, 2010.

Physical therapy practice releases Motion Doctor iPad application, available now for download.
Blue Whale Web Solutions. December 1, 2010.

Motion Guidance

Mini-blog: Extension intolerance.
Motion Guidance. May 2, 2016. Tal Blair.

Seeing the world normal again: An investigation into joint positional error.
Motion Guidance. April 10, 2016. Eric Dinkins.

Receding hair lines and joint lines: A process of life.
Motion Guidance. March 17, 2016. Tal Blair.

Integrating modern technology into your practice without blowing your client out of the water.
Motion Guidance. November 1, 2015. Eric Dinkins.

FOM: Fear of movement and changing context.
Motion Guidance. September 10, 2015. Tal Blair.

Terminal knee extension: Getting things straight.
Motion Guidance. August 8, 2015. Tal Blair.


Polar releases H7, a preeminent wireless heart rate sensor with Bluetooth Smart.
Polar USA. June 19, 2012.

Polar named official heart rate technology supplier of U.S. Soccer Federation.
Polar USA. February 29, 2012.

Heart rate monitors fine-tune players’ fitness.
New York Times. November 18, 2011. Jeré Longman.

Polar Team2 Pro set solution is official heart rate training system for the Atlanta Falcons.
Polar USA. September 7, 2011.

New Polar Move heart rate monitor for students facilitates effective and safe physical education.
Polar USA. September 1, 2011

Health Gear Awards 2011: Best heart rate monitor — Polar USA FT40.
Health Magazine. June 2011.

Polar introduces BodyAge 5, helping individuals to reach their fitness goals.
Polar USA. April 13, 2011.

Polar introduces new physical education technology, motivating students to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.
Polar USA. September 14, 2010.

Polar introduces new training computers to help active consumers make the most of their exercise.
Polar USA. May 24, 2010.

How a soccer star reaches her “goals.” (PDF)
Shape Magazine. May 2010.

Two new easy-to-use training computers from Polar simplify the benefits of exercising with heart rate.
Polar USA. October 27, 2009.

Marathon tech review: Watches.
New York Times. August 18, 2009. Danielle Belopotosky.

Polar introduces RS800CX Pro Team Edition, advanced training management system for serious cyclists.
Polar USA. May 6, 2009.

Polar introduces the RS300X with GPS for runners and cross-training athletes.
Polar USA. March 18, 2009.

Polar introduces GPS mapping capabilities to its CS600 cycling system.
Polar USA. February 19, 2009.

Polar joins alliance to combat childhood obesity.
Polar USA. October 24, 2007.

Polar Electro celebrates 30 years of innovation.
Polar USA. February 9, 2007.

QTEK Products

Just tell me I can’t: How Jamie Moyer defied the radar gun and defeated time.
Jamie Moyer. September 10, 2013.

Presidential Council meeting in Washington, D.C. September 23, 2011.

Strength coach opens studio in Hillsborough. October 20, 2009. Bob Makin.


*Used by permission from the Private Practice Section, Impact.