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massage tools — Pressure Positive from Physiquality

loosen muscles and relieve strain — without the expense of a therapeutic massage!

Reduce muscle tension with these tools recommended by sports trainers, physical therapists and doctors as effective treatment for muscular pain.

Pressure Positive’s massage tools are designed to help you relieve pain by targeting various pressure points where tension can build. Their tools are easy to use and allow you to apply as much or as little pressure as you need.

Rich Poley, author of Self-Massage for Athletes, says, “I try every self-massage and self-care tool I can get my hands on. The Backnobber II is an especially effective tool for active people. I’ve been using it regularly for the last 6 weeks and am still finding new ways to benefit from its unique design. … It’s very good for relieving tightness and trigger points in my back. What I didn’t expect was that it would be as effective on my legs as it is. I’ve been running a lot lately and find this tool to be extremely helpful for relieving muscle pain and soreness in my legs.”

The following Pressure Positive tools are available through selected Physiquality locations:

Massage tools — Original Backnobber II The Original Backnobber® II is used by hooking one of its curves over a shoulder or under an arm, using its leverage to apply firm, deep pressure to trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulder, and back, as well as many other locations.
Massage tools — Tiger Tail The Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager is a foam-covered solo massage tool that helps relieve sore, tight and cramping muscles by restoring muscle balance. Perfect for use on the neck, shoulders, arms, back, glutes, IT band, thighs, hamstrings, quads, calves and feet.

Each massage tool:

  • Is versatile and effective
  • Has a unique ergonomic design
  • Comes with satisfaction guaranteed

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