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Trunk rotation, elbow extended/Abdominals

TheraPulley™ exercise pulley system — QTEK Products from Physiquality

pull yourself up.

TheraPulley™ from QTEK ProductsSculpt your physique and improve your flexibility.

TheraPulley is a unique, cost-effective home exercise pulley system that can be used for strength training, recovery from injury, and preventative care for ongoing health and agility. The system allows you to perform physical therapy and sports medicine exercises at home, on the road or on the field.

Physical therapist Yousef Ghandour first learned about using pulleys for strengthening and rehabilitation while completing his master’s degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy. He saw that the Scandinavian approach to physical therapy heals injured tissues with controlled resistance. By using pulleys, resistance is more consistent through the movement than the use of free weights or elastic bands. Mr. Ghandour was inspired to develop his own pulley system, the TheraPulley, in order to provide a quality, durable and cost-effective solution for home exercises and swift recovery from injuries.

“Since becoming a professional baseball player in 1984, I was introduced to many different types of strengthening equipment. They were inconsistent and cumbersome. Now that I have learned the techniques and benefits of the TheraPulley, I can truly say this will help me forever. … I wish I had the opportunity to have this equipment earlier in my career. Even though my career lasted for more than 20 years, having the TheraPulley from the start would have allowed for healthier seasons and more consistency in my arm strength.” — Jamie Moyer

Regular use of TheraPulley gives injured athletes the ability to actively manage their symptoms, and greater independence and responsibility to work toward a quicker recovery. Once injury-free, athletes will grow even stronger and have improved athletic performance.

The TheraPulley system includes:

  • TheraPulley System from QTEK ProductsTwo (2) quality ball-bearing swivel Q-pulleys that offer a smooth and constant resistance throughout the range of exercise. They provide a friction free surface for both light and heavy weights.
  • One (1) adjustable steel bracket that adjusts to fit most doors to anchor the stationary pulley.
  • One (1) non-slip, web strap with door guard to anchor the pulley and ensure it will lock in place.
  • One (1) padded and adjustable multi-purpose strap that allows for a variety of exercises.
  • One (1) durable nylon weight bag that can be used with regular weights and/or household objects.
  • One (1) ergonomic padded handle made of neoprene to increase comfort and grip during exercise movements.
  • One (1) sturdy, custom-braided 16-foot support rope, as well as rope tensioners that allow for adjusting rope length.

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