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topical pain relief — Stopain® Clinical products from Physiquality

maximum performance pain relief.

topical pain relief — Stopain® ClinicalStopain® Clinical topical pain relief products include 10% menthol, along with MSM and glucosamine, to deliver strong and long-lasting pain relief as a gel, spray or roll-on.

The Stopain® Clinical Migraine and Headache Relief product provides safe and effective penetrating pain relief without acetaminophen, addictive opioids, aspirin, caffeine or other NSAIDs. These powerful pain relief products are available for purchase at participating Physiquality member clinics.

“Prior to using Stopain® Clinical, we had used a variety of other available topical products with our patients for pain control… For my money there is not a better topical analgesic product on the market today that I can make available to my patients than Stopain® Clinical.” — Robert Bacci, physical therapist and co-owner, Bacci and Glinn Physical Therapy

Why choose Stopain® Clinical over the competition? It has an enhanced formula developed in-house that contains 10% menthol with MSM & glucosamine. These products also feature:

  • Stopain® ClinicalPenetration enhancers for fast relief.
  • A sweat-resistant formula, allowing use before, during and after workouts, as well as rehabilitation therapy.
  • Pharmaceutical grade conditioners, leaving skin feeling smooth, moisturized and non-greasy.
  • Cutting-edge polymer technology for a smoother, more consistent application.

The products are paraben-free and contain no dyes or fragrances. Learn more at

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Troy Healthcare, LLC is the owner and manufacturer of the full line of Stopain® Clinical products. Everything is done in house, from development to packaging, in their Pennsylvania facility. All clinical products were specifically designed with the healthcare professional in mind, and they are ONLY available for use and sale in the professional market.

Click here to read a Thomas Jefferson clinical study and Frontiers in Neurology white paper about the efficacy of the Stopain® Clinical Migraine & Headache product.