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fitness training — Strength Conditiontrain your body to be stronger and faster.

See immediate improvement with these 10-week fitness programs. offers a variety of 10-week training programs, tailored to your needs based on a pre-program fitness evaluation. This evaluation, along with another at the end of the program, will allow you to see measurable progress, encouraging you to continue your path to better health and fitness.

One parent is ecstatic about her son’s improvement: “I just wanted him to be a bit more physically active. He was so into everything you taught him, and, most importantly, he had a blast. What a good program to get kids in to early on, teaching them proper technique, eating habits and general training.” Another woman is grateful for the changes in her own body: “It is amazing how your body will respond when challenged to do so. I no longer feel like an old woman when I wake up! … I have lost 8 lbs (but more inches) and feel better than I have in years. … I have told everyone I know that this has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!”

The following programs are available through selected Physiquality locations:

    fitness training — Strength Condition

  • Adult fitness
  • Children’s fitness
  • High school strength and conditioning
  • Fitness evaluations, including flexibility and agility tests, as well as nutrition evaluations
  • Civil service physical examinations, for such entities as local police and fire departments fitness programs:

  • Lead to measurable improvements in strength and agility
  • Improve your health through better fitness
  • Set a pattern for long-range improvement

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