Golf Yoga created by Katherine Roberts

golf yoga — Yoga for Golfers from Physiquality

lower your score and work on your core.

Maximize your mind-body connection on the course and in your daily life.

Golf yoga classes Yoga for Golfers classes will help you improve your balance, strength and agility. Created by Katherine Roberts, fitness expert for the Golf Channel, these golf yoga classes have been developed especially for golfers. The poses incorporated are meant to enhance your swing, improve your concentration and reduce injury.

And now this expert training is available from Physiquality therapists. They’ll teach you how traditional yoga techniques can dramatically improve your game. Classes focus on strengthening your core, building better posture, increasing endurance and reducing soreness.

Golf professional Marie Miyashiro saw a big improvement in her game after doing Yoga for Golfers for only a short period of time: “As a touring professional, Katherine Roberts’ Yoga for Golfers has been invaluable. My game experienced a huge shift and decrease in my average score after working with Katherine’s program for only 30 days.” Imagine what these classes can do for you!

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