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Plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals with the fitbook fitness journal.

The fitbook™ fitness + nutrition journal is personalized, flexible and functional and offers a unique system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals. The fit tools line is a perfect complement to fitbook™ and creates a complete goal getting system!

Kim Lyons, trainer from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and author of “Your Body, Your Life,” uses the fitbook fitness journal with some of her clients. “An exercise and nutrition journal is an incredibly important tool to help you reach your goals and assess your progress. The fitbook™ fitness journal has it all in a simple, all inclusive format that is fun and easy to follow. I highly recommend the fitbook™!”

Which fitbook™ is right for you?

fitbook™ fitbook™: The personalized, flexible and functional fitness + nutrition journal offers a unique system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals. At just 5.5″, the fitbook is portable, but durable enough to endure being toted around. The fitbook™ is small in size, but packs a punch in utility with a durable plastic coil, an elastic strap to mark your place, and a handy slot in the back to stash your gym card, as well as a a pint-size pen.
NEW to Physiquality: fitbook™ junior and fit tools
fitbook™ junior fitbook™ junior: Complete with stickers and a ‘coach guide,’ fitbook™ junior is perfect for ages 5 to 13! The journal will help to set “big” 12-week goals; establish smaller weekly goals for home, school, fitness, and nutrition; and then track progress on a daily basis.
fit tools kit fit tools kit: Know your numbers and reach your goals! Measure progress millimeter-by-millimeter, inch-by-inch with these snazzy bright red body fat calipers and a body tape measure to get a true read on your health. Plus, an educational measureUP! guide is included for step-by-step instructions on taking measurements, interpreting results, and tracking progress toward your goals.
food scale Food scale: Portion distortion? A few extra ounces here and there might be what’s standing between you and your goals. Our digital food scale teaches you to focus on consuming healthy portions versus counting calories that can often become obsessive — plus the food portion guide provides education on the nutrients you need. This digital darling is made of high-quality red glass that will brighten your mood as it reminds you to live life fit. Features four units of measure for your measuring pleasure (ounces, grams, pounds, milliliters) and includes a battery.
goal weight body scale Goal weight body scale: We don’t believe in obsessing over a number on the scale — we believe in setting goals. With our sleek red glass goal weight body scale, you just get on the scale, enter your target weight, and each time you weigh, it indicates your progress toward or away from your goal. Plus, watch the backlight color change as your reach your goal (green=goal!). Three units of measure (pounds, kilograms, stones) tracks goals for up to 10 people. Includes a bonus healthy body weight guide and battery.
The fitbook journal helps people achieve what they thought was impossible. Kristine M., in West Covina, CA, says, “I lost 17 pounds and lowered my body fat 4% using the fitbook. I’ve become more aware of what I’m eating and how I feel, and now I’m excited to do my workouts that I’ve planned for the following week… I thought I would never lose weight and now my friends are noticing my progress… I finally fit in my high school jeans again. Thank you!”

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