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strength and flexibility products — Medi‑Dyne from Physiquality

prevent injury by improving your strength.

Affordable to purchase and easy-to-use, these strength and flexibility products can be used before and after workouts to maximize strength and flexibility.

Medi-Dyne strives to provide innovations in pain prevention. Our strength and flexibility products undergo rigorous in-house testing and extensive evaluation by the most demanding healthcare professionals to ensure that it offers the highest quality of pain prevention available. But most importantly, Medi-Dyne designs products to make sure that you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Medi-Dyne products are invaluable for people looking to increase strength and flexibility. Thomas Vorderer, DPM, says, “As a podiatrist and former competitive runner, I would urge anyone who trains on a regular basis to use the ProStretch to help them improve flexibility and avoid injuries.”

The following Medi-Dyne strength and flexibility products are available through selected Physiquality locations:

Strength and flexibility products — CoreStretch CoreStretch
Stretch your back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings or shins.
Strength and flexibility products – ProStretch ProStretch
Increase range of motion and flexibility in your lower leg and foot.
Strength and flexibility products – ProStretch Double ProStretch Double
Exercise both legs simultaneously.
Strength and flexibility products – StrengthRite StrengthRite
Relieve shin splints, plantar fasciitis and sprained ankle pain.
Strength and flexibility products – StretchRite StretchRite
Soothe sore, tight muscles while improving flexibility and range of motion.
Strength and flexibility products – Custom wobble board Custom wobble board
Improve balance and coordination.

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